Lance of Alabastre

For my college graphic design capstone, I had decided to create prototype concept designs for a graphic novel idea.  Here are the concepts and their character descriptions.

I. Lance of Alabastre

Final Grounds re.png


The promotional poster concept, using the climax of the story to promote it.

II. The Heroes of Azuria

Heroes of Azuria

L.R. Serpico

Full name: Leviathan Raven Serpico

Aliases: Serpico, Ravus (As given by the Empire)

Likes: Fine Art, Liquors, Gourmet Food (when he can afford it)

Dislikes: Daemons, Ardito, Free labor, Leviathan the Felled Serpent God of the Sea

Occupation: Ex-Royal Architect and Tactician. Currently a Rogue and branded a traitor who must die.

Background: A brilliant man who appeared washed up on the beach one day, with no recollection of who he is. Adopted by Emperor Xander, He took the name Raven because of his hair. His alias Ravus happened due to his very pale and grey looking skin.  He worked under Xander until his murder and worked reluctantly under Invidia until being exiled and sent to execution.

However, due to his bloodline of being Nagakin and a demi-demon god, he is granted special abilities and is very hard to kill. However, his human heart and soul are what give him the compassion most monsters lack.


Background: The Spirit of the Skies, the sentinel for the Neo-Lord God. He protects the Sanctuary of Nifel, which holds the Lance of Alabastre, which is the legendary weapon to carve the world with light and purge the blight. He speaks only to those who have the vigor and hope of a sky’s limit.

Serpico’s prior to Azuria memories were reawakened by Caelestis so he himself could decide his fate of aiding what he loves or destroy it all like his father the Leviathan that rampages off the coast…

III. Villains of Azuria

Villains of Azuria

Ardito Invidia

Aliases: Inivida the Malignant, The Usurper

Occupation: Tyrant, Devil Emperor

Likes: Running amok, seizing power, his fancy decorated nails

Dislikes: disobedience, all that is holy

Background: A mysterious man who came to Azuria one day. Since that day, he killed the previous Emperor and took the throne for himself and conquered the majority of the continent of Konan. His motives are often violent and suppressive in nature. He sent off soldiers to hunt and kill all traitors. Since the soldiers are mere possessed puppets, they have no will of their own.

IV. The Sinister Malignant Devil Emperor

The Sinister Malignant Devil Emperor

Ardito Invidia’s true form, the Sinister Devil Emperor. He has no heart or humanity and thrives on suffering and misfortune. He is the embodiment of darkness itself and everything malignant. His true form uses the power of a crystal he had illegitimately obtained to justified his reign of the Empire of Azuria.